Purrcast 50 Quan/Kwan

Today’s special guest is a neighborhood cat who took some time out from patrolling to say hi and record. This is Quan/Kwan. I asked about the spelling but our guest is a cat and didn’t answer. Spelled as Quan it is Vietnamese meaning soldier.  Spelled as Kwan it’s Korean and means strong. Either way our neighborhood is well served.

Purrcast 45 Wilma

Wilma is our foster fail miracle. She was part of a bonded pair of foster cats that had an adopter. As we took her to be chipped as part of the final part of being adopted the shelter found a mass underneath her tongue consistent with an aggressive cancer. We talked with the potential adopter and they were not up for taking that on. Years later she is still with us and doing well. Currently she is on thyroid meds and a steroid for IBS. She is hungry all the time and we are just happy to have her around still. This week she has taken to curling up with the dog which makes the dog nervous but willing to cooperated with her for the shared nap times.

Purrcast 42 Shyhead (Now Lou the Dude)

Shyhead came from a feral cat colony where he was kicked out for biting the care takers chihuahua. He knows life is good and purrs loud enough to show how happy he is with his current position in life. He is also the sweetest tomcat. Being top cat he is easygoing and confident so he wants to make friends with all the other cats. If there was a kitten in distress on the TV he would mount a rescue mission to find and save them. He is big, strong and gives great hugs. His foster parents renamed him Lou the Dude and he is living the good life with them now.