Purrcast 40 Zafron

Zafron is a foster from BARCS Baltimore Animal Rescue & Care Shelter. He is all long legs and love.
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Over the last year Purrcast has had over 13,000 downloads with about 25% of them re-listens. Of the thousands of listeners and subscribers a small group of 7 Patreon supporters contribute a few dollars per episode to pay for file hosting, equipment upgrades and an occasional cheeseburger.  For those supporters we put together a special thank you of Episodes 17-32 with just the purring. Over 55 minutes of purrs!

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Purrcast 27 Wilma

This has been purrcast number twenty seven with the purring styles of wilma from the house pride. Purrcast is on Facebook, youtube and twitter as p u double r c a s t. If you like purring please stop by and say hi. If you heart purrcast you can rate us on itunes. Purrcast is supported by our true lovers at patreon.com where you can find extra content.

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Purrcast 26 Rupert

This has been purrcast number twenty six, a mini episode featuring the outsized kitten purrs of rupert. Rupert was a purrcast foster from the Baltimore Animal Rescue and Care Shelter BARCS that has found his furever home with a friend of ours. Recording kittens is difficult, not because they aren’t full of purr but because they are wiggly, bitey and run around all the time.

On this National Cat day Purrcast welcomes our new listeners from the Nerdist¬†and international listeners from Australia’s RN Creative Audio Unit.

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