Purrcast 29 Fatty

This has been Purrcast number 29 featuring Fatty.

Back when Purrcast first started Creative Commons was starting to become popular and it was pretty standard to announce your license type in the podcast. Creative Commons Attribution Noncommercial Share Alike 3.0 Unported Licence or even CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 US was a handful to say each week. Purrcast is still under that license so we encourage you to share it on a thumb drive, cut out the instrumental outros and make a mix for your friends newborn baby or use it to make your sweet electric motorcycle rumble the road. If you do something with Purrcast let me know and we can share alike!

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Purrcast 23 Fatty

This is Fatty’s morning feed me breakfast purr. The latest school of thought is that there is no canonical lexicon of cat meows, every cat has their own language with their owner that they both made up. It’s like a mutual training or an idioglossia, the language made up by twins. Fatty’s brother spoke with nuance of inflection and trills. Fatty has one word that he uses repeatedly until he gets what he wants. I think he learned to meow from listening to the cadence of the alarm clock. I sometimes try to push the snooze button on his head to make him stop in the mornings. Just like Simon’s Cat Wake Up

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Episode 20 Fatty

This is a special edition of Purrcast. Fatty back in February was diagnosed with a reoccurrence of Feline Vaccine Associated Sarcoma (an aggressive, cancerous tumor) 2 years after having surgically remove the tumor. With gofundme and your help we easily raised money for a second surgery to amputate the affected leg to prevent the tumor from spreading. Fatty is happily still here and purring away. He has adjusted very well to being a tripod and has found ways to snuggle deeper into the cat bed with out that leg getting in the way.

Purrcast isn’t just a podcast, it is a multi platform experience. From our twitter page @purrcast we are going to be doing some Periscope popup recording sessions and showing how the podcast is edited and produced.

Original music in this episode was pulled from a youtube improvised recording of my midified toy squeeze box. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2-13zwBsZnE

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Episode 19 Fatty, Wilma and Pig

Cappy and @alyssumpohl are big fans of Purrcast, especially Fatty so I set out to record Fatty for this weeks episode. Wilma and Fatty were snuggling together (they are poor weather friends who use each other for heat) so I pulled out a second microphone and went for a twofer. If you listen carefully Pig is snoring away in the background.

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