Purrcast 33 Bernadette

This is Purrcast number 33 with special foster guest Bernadette.

Bernadette is a calico lady who wants to sit next to you and just hang out. You can skritch her head and sometimes pet her, sometimes not. When she says no she says it with a polite firmness and a little thank you lick on your hand.

In other Purrcast news, Prime Minster Vindaloo; Piglets DC brother from another mother is going for surgery to correct the dreaded condition: Megacolon.

If you can please help with some foreign aid at Mister Vindaloo’s GoFundMe. Purrcast hopes to have Vinnie on soon as a guest purrer and to ask his news agency Felines of DC if he is in fact a Minister that has no positive divisors other than one and himself and if he was a composite before being neutered.

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Purrcast Mega-Mix Vol. 2 exclusive to Patreon supporters!

Over the last year Purrcast has had over 13,000 downloads with about 25% of them re-listens. Of the thousands of listeners and subscribers a small group of 7 Patreon supporters contribute a few dollars per episode to pay for file hosting, equipment upgrades and an occasional cheeseburger.  For those supporters we put together a special thank you of Episodes 17-32 with just the purring. Over 55 minutes of purrs!

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Purrcast 32 Windup

This is Purrcast number 32 with special guest Windup. Once again asked to cat sit for a friend and as a value added feature I chased the cat around with a microphone for your enjoyment. Windup was found on the streets of Baltimore, was briefly at a shelter and then adopted by their original finder. There are many wonderful cats like Windup available for the adopting or fostering through your local shelter.

Thank you for listening to Purrcast.

Purrcast 31 Piglet

This is Purrcast number 31 with the purring sound of Piglet. Despite being our second oldest cat, Piglet is the perpetual kitten of the household. That’s not because of his personality, his attitude is that of a grumpy old man. It’s partially his looks, the round face and disheveled fluffy fur, and partially because he was Justin and Amy’s first cat as a couple. Found as a sick kitten on the mean streets of Baltimore, he offset the grumpiness with typical kitten cuteness and impressive ear floofs, convincing us that he was worth both thousands of dollars in vet bills and a loving home despite his tendency to act like a jerk.

One surprising thing about Piglet is that he doesn’t mind most of the foster cats that come through the Purrcast World Headquarters. He may not be happy about them, but as long as no one runs across his head or jumps on him, he isn’t too concerned about who is staying in the guest room.

Piglet is probably our the most prolific of our podcasting purr-ers. He purrs for meals, for nip, for lap times, and bedtime. Bedtime is when he really shows off his purring skills. He sinks into the blankets and turns on the purrs, a steady rumbling with occasional deeper inhales and exhalations of contentment. On top of those he layers a little trill that is probably a result of his permanently stuffed up head. The whole performance can be hypnotic, and produces great audio for ASMR enthusiasts who like a little variety in their purring soundtracks.

As a former street cat, Piglet would like to make sure everyone knows about the Kickstarter campaign for Tuna and the Acrocats. This mobile cat circus/cat band/cat fostering group is in need of a new tour bus so they can thrill and amaze audiences across America while helping place needy cats and kittens in new homes. Their fundraiser is in its last week, so check out their page, pitch in if you’re able, and please spread the word!

Purrcast 30 Lady Momcat Jean Grey Kranz

This has been Purrcast number thirty with Lady Momcat Jean Grey Kranz.

When Lady Momcat Jean Grey Kranz isn’t off with the x-men or at the flight directors console for an apollo moon landing she is exploring the tops of the kitchen cabinets and doing tricks for snacks.

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Purrcast 29 Fatty

This has been Purrcast number 29 featuring Fatty.

Back when Purrcast first started Creative Commons was starting to become popular and it was pretty standard to announce your license type in the podcast. Creative Commons Attribution Noncommercial Share Alike 3.0 Unported Licence or even CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 US was a handful to say each week. Purrcast is still under that license so we encourage you to share it on a thumb drive, cut out the instrumental outros and make a mix for your friends newborn baby or use it to make your sweet electric motorcycle rumble the road. If you do something with Purrcast let me know and we can share alike!

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Purrcast 28 Pig

This has been purrcast number twenty eight featuring purring by pig.

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Purrcast 27 Wilma

This has been purrcast number twenty seven with the purring styles of wilma from the house pride. Purrcast is on Facebook, youtube and twitter as p u double r c a s t. If you like purring please stop by and say hi. If you heart purrcast you can rate us on itunes. Purrcast is supported by our true lovers at patreon.com where you can find extra content.

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Purrcast 26 Rupert

This has been purrcast number twenty six, a mini episode featuring the outsized kitten purrs of rupert. Rupert was a purrcast foster from the Baltimore Animal Rescue and Care Shelter BARCS that has found his furever home with a friend of ours. Recording kittens is difficult, not because they aren’t full of purr but because they are wiggly, bitey and run around all the time.

On this National Cat day Purrcast welcomes our new listeners from the Nerdist and international listeners from Australia’s RN Creative Audio Unit.

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Purrcast 25 Momcat Lady Jean Grey Kranz

Purrcast 25 featuring Momcat Lady Jean Grey Kranz. Momcat is very vocal with chirps and growls, today she sat down for a few moments to show her tender side with a few minutes of purring. She does tricks which you can see on our patreon page patreon.com/purrcast.

Thank you for listening to purrcast.