Episode 14 Carrietta

Purrcast 14 featuring special guest purrformer Carrietta. I am cat sitting Carrietta this weekend for my friend and Fluid Movement  summer 2014 production: “Jeff Goldblum the Water Ballet” co producer Barbara Wilgus. The featured music for this episode I recorded on instruments found in her living room with my phone.

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Purrcast is very simply a podcast of purring.

Our Creative Commons License allows you to share the podcast and make things with it, but not to sell your work. Fans have used the purring for sound effects for a D&D campaign and there was a techno mix. Make it your ringtone or stick it in one of the greeting cards you can record custom messages. Have fun!

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Episode 11 Ollie Mollie

 This is the contented nursing purr from our newest foster cat Ollie Mollie and some smackey sounds from her kittens. Sadly, Ollie Mollie was sick through her pregnancy and the kittens failed to thrive and didn’t make it. We are very sad and want to honor them with the relaunch of the podcast. Olly Molly is recuperating but will be up for adoption soon. (adopted by a friend of ours!) If you would like to help you can foster or adopt at your local shelters or donate to charities like The Franky Fund for critical medical treatment for injured or ill animals at Baltimore City shelters. It all makes a difference in the world.